"People Change Memories Don't"
Time has gone so many unforgettable sweet memories happened among us
We laughed together we cried together
We learned together not only educational stuff but also about the society ,
about the people who cheat others who are selfish who are rude
But today , no word to express my sadness because of you
Even today I don’t know why you behave in this way
Though I thought that I have understood all of my friends
I feel that I haven't
Why you ignore me?
Making new friends means not forgetting best friends
Even today I like to use that word "best" though you are not ready to use it any more
Can you forget our memorable past because of a new environment who changed you ??
I never hurt you
I never get angry with you
But I feel so sorry about you
One day you may realize that
Some friends are like shadows ,they follow you in the sun but leave you in the dark
Dear friend,
Great friends are hard to find
Difficult to leave
Impossible to forget
That's the most valuable thing I learned from you !!