Anyone can become a daughter or a son 
Anyone can become a lover
Anyone can become a student 
Anyone can become a talented employee
 But only few can be a real friend forever !

How many of us have that chance ? How many of us can live in that way ? It's an accepted fact that we all are not perfect by means. So , friends are also the same. But the thing is someone behave as a friend from the bottom of the heart and but someone sometimes not . No matter after all they are all our friends . We welcome all those various behavioral patterns with one accord.
A real or a good friend in other word a best , friend is like a live diary of us . Our secrets,laughs,sorrows and everything we face are in it.

If there are so many sweets , can we eat everything ? No , but we like them all without tasting.
Our lives is also the same,because though we have so many friends we listen them all,we regard them all , yet we think that they are our friends and then we work together , eat together ,try to share our sorrows & happiness together.
But later on we get to know that someone are not so sweet as we thought.
Inner lives of their are much more different from the outer appearance and behavior.

We can make sweets for our own taste. But we can't make friends.
The only thing is we can be a real friend for them not at a glance.

I'm Speechless

I'm Speechless
Though I laugh on outside
I cry in inside
Sometimes there are so many around me 
But today , no one ! 
Not to listen to me but
Even to see this awkward moment
Only my pen and this paper know it
Feel so lonely
Can cry till I meet the death
But ,
You're luckier than I my poor tear drops!
Because I'm not going to defeat ,
Not going to defect with you either
Will try to do defence 
LIFE , is this the way you treat me ?
If so no matter I warmly welcome it 
Oh no! I try to do as it is 
I'm not going to cry out anymore
I know that this world wags 
So I try to endure all my sufferings 
By putting my best
strength more than I ever did !!